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What Makes You Bold?

BoLD Options is an organized mess of my long-time favorite healthy meals, brand new recipe finds, $$ saving grocery tips, as well as random health & wellness tips. My Instagram (@Marlo_Fit) gets to see all the goodies that I love putting together in the kitchen and I’ve finally decided to organize and write out recipes for others to replicate! Everything on this page can be found on my Pinterest for you to pin to your boards and organize in your own way. Each Pin brings you back to this website and goes directly to the recipe.

No long posts about my grandma’s sister’s recipe and how I spent my summers eating these meals (no hate for those kinds of recipes) but instead straight to the point, how to make and ways that you can make the recipe your own. I’m all about savings some $$ so I’ll always include where I get my products and any tips, I have to save you some $$!  

I hope BLD Options gives you ideas, helps you learn about your body, and gives you some BoLD Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner options 😉 And if you want to know more about how I got to be so obsessed with all this stuff I’ll have the cliff notes below:


Coming from an Eastern European household, food is our love language. And let me tell you, that love language isn’t always the healthiest.


April of 2018 I was in a pretty low place. I had just graduated from college the summer prior and started my big girl 9-5 job. It wasn't my dream job, I moved from the city back to the suburbs, and even though I was making real money and in a great relationship, mentally I was struggling...a lot. I was unhappy, unsure, and unsatisfied each and every day. My anxiety, jealousy, and a whole bunch of other negative words were at an all-time high. While I have always been interested in exercise and health, I was never really was able to stick to any one lifestyle or regimen. I was always trying to achieve something far past the starting point. Constantly trying to jump to chapter ten instead of starting at one.


Long story short, April was when I essentially decided I was done feeling sorry for myself and I set out to prove to myself that I could make a lifestyle change and stick to it. I challenged myself to understand the nutritional value of what I was consuming and cook my meals each and every day.


I get why people give up on a lifestyle change, I truly do. It is a lot of incredibly hard work that you need to be consistent with each and every day. It's not only the temptations of laying in bed all day or eating junk food but it's also the mental side of things that makes these kind of changes so incredibly difficult. You have to set your intentions each day and never look back. You have to get angry with yourself some days and push yourself that extra step or rep. You have to slap on some workout clothes and drive yourself to the gym even though you're sitting there repeating to yourself "I don't want to do this today". This past year has brought me to a place I never thought I'd be, truly. I am where I am today because of me, myself, and I.


People will ask me "how do you make it to the gym every day?" or "how do you have the energy and time to cook your dinner every night and prep all your food each day?" and my answer is always the same, it's my therapy and I make time for things I enjoy. I love experimenting with new foods, understanding how they benefit my body. I love trying new workouts, lifting heavy, and pushing myself because you'll be amazed at how much you truly can accomplish when you focus and push yourself. No I don't post on instagram all day, no I don't stay home and have the ability to have an elaborate meal for breakfast lunch and dinner. I have a normal corporate job and I make time to do what I love.


The human body is absolutely amazing in the way that it works and each day I strive to push myself and thank my body for the amazing things that it does. People who are looking to change their body's or their lifestyles become so afraid of food and it's something I still find myself struggling with some days. Whether your goal is losing weight or not, consuming quality foods takes your body to an absolutely different level. I strive to give my body the foods that help it work properly and make me feel like I'm on top of the world. There will always be people who are looking for a quick fix, and while I tend to get frustrated hearing the different methods these people are trying, I've come to realize that some people will never want to make these changes long term and actually listen to their bodies.


Chase the quality products, put in the work, be honest with yourself, and the results will come.

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