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Chocolate Hummus Protein Oats

Marlo oats with a twist!

Chocolate Hummus Protein Oats

1 Serving

485 Calories: 27P/65C/13F


    ▪ Marlo Protein Oats (Ingredients HERE)
    ▪ 28 Grams Chocolate Hummus (or dessert hummus of choice)

How to 

1. Prepare Marlo Protein Oats and top with dates, hummus and fruit!

Buy It & Try It 

Tribe Dessert Hummus
Store I Purchase At: Jewel Osco (Parent Company: Alberstons)
Typical Price: $2-$5
Where In The Store: By the dips and hummus
1. If you haven't hopped on the dessert hummus train, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!? Tribe makes amazingly delicious flavors that I could literally just sit and eat with a spoon (and sometimes I do...shh)
2. Still made with chickpeas and super low calorie--this is my go to when topping my yogurt, oats, or fruit!
3. My absolute favorite flavors that I'm purchasing every week are cake batter and dark chocolate! They make a Pea not-butter flavor that's super delicious but there's others I've yet to try. Check out their website and instagram to see all the different flavors they have and any promotions they have going on!

Quick Cook Or Steel Cut Oats
Store I Purchase At: Aldi
Typical Price: $1-$3
Where In The Store: Cereal Aisle
1. Always having oats on hand is a great idea! If you're ever in need of a flour alternative, simply just take some oats, throw it in a food processor until the consistency is of flour! You'll have yourself oat flour in no time!
2. Oats are one of those great foods because they're complex--essentially what that means is that it takes your body longer to break it down (metabolize it) therefore that's why you'll hear people say oats keep you fuller for longer! Simple carbs like fruit sugars are broken down very quickly by your body and therefore you may find yourself hungry within an hour of eating a bowl of fruit

Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
Store I Purchase At: Aldi or Jewel Osco (Parent company: Albertsons)
Typical Price: $3-$5
Where In The Store: Yogurt section
1. Great source of protein and probiotic! I love to buy plain because it's really a blank canvas--you can use it to make Tatziki sauce or add some syrup and fruit and make it super sweet!
2. Minimal carbs and no fat per serving and really just a blank canvas! You can flavor and use it however you want!
3. Don't limit yourself with this product--I love tossing some into my oats to add protein and create more volume! It's a great way to get a super voluminous and nutritious meal!

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