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Everything Bagel Breaky Tacos

Breakfast tacos, without the bagel!

Everything Bagel Breaky Tacos

1 Serving

331 Calories: 24P/50C/15F


    ▪ 150 Grams Shredded Hashbrowns
    ▪ 160 Grams Egg Whites
    ▪ 30-50 Grams Bell Peppers
    ▪ 1/4 Cup Frozen/Fresh Chopped Onion
    ▪ 1-2 Cups Fresh Spinach
    ▪ 1/2 Tablespoon Olive Oil
    ▪ 50-60 Grams Avocado
    ▪ 2 Mini Tortillas

How to 

1. Prep a medium sized pan by lightly spraying and placing over medium heat then placing diced onion and peppers into pan for 2-4 minutes or until browning begins

2. Add in hashbrowns and cook covered for 5-7 minutes before adding in olive oil, mixing and cooking for another 5-10 minutes uncovered

3. Add egg whites to pan, season, scramble and cook fully

4. Warm 2 tortillas then place scramble into tortillas--place extra on the side

Buy It & Try It 

Signature Kitchens Frozen Diced Onion
Store I Purchase At: Jewel Osco (Parent company: Albertsons)
Typical Price: $1-$3
Where In The Store: Frozen veggies aisle
1. If you're anything like me, cutting onions leaves you sobbing and your eyes burning! Well I'm here to tell you that frozen diced onions are here to save your life!
2. I've tried to chop onions myself and freeze them and they always smell up the entire kitchen--these have no smell and are so easy to pop into your breakfast, lunch, or dinner! They defrost super quick and crisp up just like fresh onions would

Liquid Egg Whites
Store I Purchase At: Aldi
Typical Price: $3-$5
Where In The Store: Seasoning section
1. Every time I go grocery shopping this is something that I'm throwing in my cart! Great to add to whole eggs for breakfast or as a replacement for whole eggs in baking!
2. You can pretty much get liquid egg whites at any grocery store these days but I stick with Aldi because the flavor/product is consistent and the pricing is always the best when compared to the competition

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