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34 Calorie Skinny PB Cups

Guilt Free & Under 50 Calories!

34 Calorie Skinny PB Cups

24 Servings

34 Calories: 1.7F/4.1C/2P


    For the Chocolate Layer
    ▪ 75 Grams Unsweetened Cocoa Powder
    ▪ 24 Grams Peanut Butter Powder
    ▪ 195 Grams Almond Milk
    ▪ 24 Grams Solid Coconut Oil
    ▪ 24 Grams Light Blue Agave or Honey
    ▪ 10 Grams Vanilla Extract
    ▪ 30 Grams Stevia

    For the PB Layer
    ▪ 75 Grams Powder Peanut Butter
    ▪ 40 Grams Almond Milk
    ▪ 6 Grams Stevia
    ▪ 150 Grams Plain Greek Yogurt

How to 

1. Prep a muffin tray by placing liners in the tray and lightly spraying
❗️Highly recommend using silicone liners as it makes it easy to pop the cups out and wash

2. Whisk together all ingredients for chocolate later then split evenly into two bowls--set one aside

3. Using one bowl of chocolate mixture, spoon an even layer into each muffin cup then place in the freezer for 15 minutes

4. While first chocolate layer is in the freezre, whisk together all the ingredients for the pb later. when ready, begin placing a layer of the peanut butter mixture in each cup then pop the trays back into the freezer for about 20-25 minutes

5. After 20-25 minutes, top each pb cup with the remaining chocolate mixture and freezer for about 2-4 hours or overnight
❗️If chocolate mixture becomes too thick when going to use for final layer, whisk in a little more almond milk and it will thin out
❗️Cover the tray when freezing for the final time to protect from getting frost

Buy It & Try It 

Non-Fat Plain Greek Yogurt
Store I Purchase At: Aldi or Jewel Osco (Parent company: Albertsons)
Typical Price: $3-$5
Where In The Store: Yogurt section
1. Great source of protein and probiotic! I love to buy plain because it's really a blank canvas--you can use it to make Tatziki sauce or add some syrup and fruit and make it super sweet!
2. Minimal carbs and no fat per serving and really just a blank canvas! You can flavor and use it however you want!
3. Don't limit yourself with this product--you can create cream sauces, cream cheese spreads, and even homemade biscuits!

PB Powder
Store I Purchase At: Amazon or Tj Maxx/Homegoods
Typical Price: Depends on the size container you buy
Where In The Store: Snack/food section (Tj Maxx/Homegoods)
1. Peanut butter without all the fat! Now I'm not saying don't eat fat, we all need to consume a good amount each day, but powdered peanut butter gives you the abililty to add flavor to recipes or top your meals with peanut butter and save some calories!
2. The best advice I have when adding water to make a spread is to use a 2:1 ratio. Two parts powder, 1 part water. It's easy to make the spread super water by adding even a little bit too much water so it's really best to add a tiny bit at a time until the consistency is just right!
3. Sometimes the powder can lack a little bit of the sweetness you would get with a normal peanut butter spread so if that's the case, add a little bit of stevia and you got yourself a sweet and low fat peanut spread!

Enjoy Life Chocolate Minis
Store I Purchase At: Aldi
Typical Price: $3-$5
Where In The Store:Organic or baking aisle
1. If you're vegan or have any other allergies, this brand is a really great and delicious option! Free of pretty much every allergy you could think of yet doesn't compromise the delicious taste of chocolate we all love!
2. They have everything from chocolate minis, chunks, bars, cookies, etc and most of their products can be found in the organic section at Jewel!

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